About Atlas Realty Group

In their 40+ cumulative years of real estate experience, the principals have transacted all aspects of commercial real estate across the city, from Brooklyn and Queens to Manhattan and The Bronx and even Staten Island. In addition to transacting property, ARG’s team has a significant amount of experience arranging note sale transactions on behalf of New York City lenders. ARG’s seasoned professionals approach every situation with the objective of adding value to their clients’ investment aims and helping buyers and sellers realize optimal results for their specific business plans. With decades of experience and a reputation for unparalleled integrity and client services, each member of the ARG team has served as a valuable advisor to some of the most prominent owner-operators in New York City real estate.

ARG Leadership

ARG Brokers

Hannah Antebi

Operations Manager | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Natan Safdieh

Director | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Nate Pilchick

Associate | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Sam Schwartz

Associate | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Elli Khafizov

Associate | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Roy Oskar

Associate | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Aaron Heideman

Associate | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Justin Gorelik

Associate | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Shua Rosen

Associate | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Notable Transactions

420 Avenue F, 320 Ocean Parkway & 2302 85th Street

Brooklyn, NY$46,000,000

535 Zerega Avenue

Bronx NY $28,500,000

557 Franklin Ave

Brooklyn, NY$2,290,000

115 Ocean Avenue

Brooklyn, NY $25,700,000

2911 Barnes Avenue & 2910 Wallace Avenue

Bronx, NY$30,600,000

920 Madison St

Brooklyn, NY$2,125,000

925 St. Marks Ave

Brooklyn, NY$2,160,000

197 St. Marks Ave

Brooklyn, NY$1,950,000

25 Pierrepont Street & 161 Columbia Heights

Brooklyn, NY$11,000,000

536 Bergen St

Brooklyn, NY$2,025,000

239 Prospect Place

Brooklyn, NY$3,100,000

680 Monroe St

Brooklyn, NY$2,925,000

555-561 Gates Ave

Brooklyn, NY$6,350,000

1657 8th Ave

Brooklyn, NY$3,500,000

626 Lincoln Place

Brooklyn, NY$1,960,000

195-24 Jamaica Ave

Jamaica, NY $3,800,000

601 Ocean Parkway

Brooklyn, NY$19,465,000

701 St. Marks Ave

Brooklyn, NY$3,200,000

2261 Ocean Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$15,500,000

36-20 Bowne St

Flushing, NY$14,375,000

218 74th Street

Brooklyn, NY$12,550,000

216 Macon St

Brooklyn, NY$4,775,000

1063 Eastern Parkway

Brooklyn, NY$1,400,000

205 St. Jame Place

Brooklyn, NY$3,950,000

2985 Ocean Parkway

Brooklyn, NY$5,150,000

2031 & 2233 Ocean Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$10,400,000

2243 Cropsey Avenue

Brooklyn NY$3,400,000

2197 & 2198 Cruger Ave

Bronx NY $16,700,000

23-02 49th Avenue

Queens, NY $195,000,000

1322 Cortelyou Road

Brooklyn, NY

825 East 141st Street

Bronx, NY $44,000,000

22-11 New Haven Avenue

Queens, NY $22,000,000

15001-11 88th Avenue

Queens, NY $21,500,000

275 Livingston Street

Brooklyn, NY$14,800,000

2101 Emmons Avenue

Brooklyn, NY $24,000,000

161 Columbia Heights

Brooklyn, NY$3,950,000

368 Baltic St

Brooklyn, NY$1,850,000

Kips Bay 7 Building Package

New York, NY $71,500,000

271 Sea Breeze Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$13,500,000

723-727 St. Nicholas Avenue New York

New York, NY$15,500,000

162-20 & 164-03 89th Avenue

Queens, NY $14,000,000

15 Crooke Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$14,250,000

1350 Stratford Avenue

Bronx, NY $14,000,000

666 West 162nd Street

New York, NY$13,000,000

249 & 259 Bull Hill Lane

Orange, CT $11,000,000

1202 Avenue K

Brooklyn, NY$7,950,000

6831 Ridge Boulevard

Brooklyn, NY$5,000,000

196 Montrose Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$3,350,000

757-765 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$9,650,000

11 East 115th Street

New York, NY $10,000,000

1076 Dean Street

Brooklyn, NY$2,950,000

1032-1038 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY $10,200,000

593 Meeker Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$2,500,000

1333 Pacific Street

Brooklyn, NY$2,275,000

2077 Vyse Avenue & 951 East 179th Street

Bronx, NY

920, 946 Bushwick Avenue and 1075 Greene Avenue

Brooklyn NY$27,500,000

679 Magenta Street

Bronx NY

975 Washington Avenue

Brooklyn NY

1812 East 18th Street

Brooklyn NY

531 East 22nd Street

Brooklyn NY

218-220 Park Place

Brooklyn NY

111 Woodruff Avenue & 11 Crooke Avenue

Brooklyn, NY $26,700,000

2105 Foster Avenue

Brooklyn NY

370 East 23rd Street

Brooklyn NY

684A-684B Myrtle Avenue

Brooklyn NY

341 Lincoln Road

Brooklyn NY

88-22 Parsons Blvd and 89-21 153rd Street

Jamaica, NY$19,500,000

754 East 23rd Street & 837 East 22nd Street

Brooklyn, NY$14,650,000

390 Wadsworth Avenue

New York, NY$12,500,000

21 St Pauls Court

Brooklyn, NY$9,000,000

467 West 164th Street

New York, NY$4,000,000

457 Jefferson Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$2,500,000

662 Madison Street

Brooklyn, NY$4,310,000

377 Ocean Parkway

Brooklyn, NY$10,650,000

347 Pacific St

Brooklyn, NY$4,500,000

1865 77th St

Brooklyn, NY$8,000,000

259 55th St

Brooklyn, NY$3,760,000

133 Lefferts Ave

Brooklyn, NY$2,375,000

365 East 205th St

Bronx, NY$3,825,000

2450 Fuller St

Bronx, NY$3,000,000

2802 Clarendon Rd

Brooklyn, NY$6,487,500

425 Coney Island Ave

Brooklyn, NY$16,000,000

568 82nd Street

Brooklyn, NY$1,675,000

556 82nd Street

Brooklyn, NY$1,500,000

8678 Bay Parkway

Brooklyn, NY$7,225,000

Yorkville 4 Building Package

New York, NY $12,250,000

329 West 101st Street

New York, NY $8,000,000

21 Lenox Rd.

Brooklyn, NY$4,850,000

130 Lenox Road

Brooklyn, NY$5,100,000

42-43 Ithaca Street

Queens, NY$8,500,000

114-05 170th St

Queens, NY$11,150,000

465-476 84th Street, 2566 Ocean Avenue, 1745 East 12th Street & 1811 Quentin Road

Brooklyn, NY$60,300,000

3540 Decatur Ave

Bronx NY$11,525,000

385 Monroe Street

Brooklyn, NY$2,700,000

1829 East 14th Street

Brooklyn, NY$3,500,000

160-08 Jamaica Avenue

Queens, NY$14,000,000

215 Sterling Street

Brooklyn, NY$6,100,000

Queens Portfolio

Queens, NY$16,450,000

$27M Upper East Side Sale

New York, NY $27,000,000

195 Bay 29th Street

Brooklyn, NY$1,950,000

195 Underhill Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$8,200,000

242-248 Bainbridge Street

Brooklyn, NY$11,750,000

862 & 868 50th Street

Brooklyn, NY$5,150,000

Washington Heights Package

New York, NY $20,600,000

560 Ovington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$1,350,000

6647 Bergen Place

Brooklyn, NY$3,750,000

1860 Billingsley Terrace

Bronx ,NY$8,050,000

547 East 168th Street


1975 Union Street

Brooklyn, NY$2,450,000

106 Avenue S

Brooklyn, NY$2,480,000

203 17th Street

Brooklyn, NY$7,600,000

Bronx Package

Bronx, NY$40,250,000

Kew Garden Terrace

Queens, NY$2,100,000

472 East 48th Street

Brooklyn, NY$4,050,000

143 Bay 26th Street

Brooklyn, NY$1,432,000

695-705 Coney Island Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$2,400,000

327 East 22nd Street

Brooklyn, NY$2,100,000

175,177,179 Hopkins Street

Brooklyn, NY$6,575,000

1515 & 2295 Grand Concourse

Bronx, NY$19,900,000

3044 Coney Island Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$14,375,000

1451 & 1467 Taylor Avenue

Bronx, NY$7,300,000

429 Autumn Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$2,833,000

1458 Fulton Street

Brooklyn, NY$2,050,000

1401-1419 Newkirk Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$18,000,000

2454 Webb Avenue

Bronx, NY$4,675,000

1732 Webster Avenue

Bronx, NY$11,250,000

1851 Phelan Place

Bronx, NY$25,500,000

692 Henry Street

Brooklyn, NY$1,625,000

1235 Prospect Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$2,325,000

35 Westchester Square

Bronx, NY$4,700,000

1620 Avenue I

Brooklyn, NY$17,615,000

450 Ocean Parkway

Brooklyn, NY$10,353,000

410 New Lots Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$1,050,000

2144 Prospect Avenue

Bronx, NY$4,150,000

4802 4th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$3,750,000

1205 Ocean Avenue- Aka 2004 Glenwood Rd.

Brooklyn, NY$4,150,000

2985 Ocean Parkway & 2301 65th Street

Brooklyn, NY$12,500,000

427 3rd Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$2,350,000

430 Ocean Parkway


2031 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn NY$1,975,000

1002-1006 Beach 20th Street

Queens, NY$2,450,000

3049 Brighton 12th Street

Brooklyn, NY$3,825,000

6019 4th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$1,430,000

411 St. Johns Place

Brooklyn, NY$3,700,000

927 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$9,900,000

2233 81st Street

Brooklyn, NY$2,950,000

818 Marcy Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$3,040,000

278 Dean Street

Brooklyn, NY$3,450,000

1210 Stratford

Bronx, NY$5,150,000

17-21 Putnam Avenue

Queens, NY$4,302,246

390 East 21st Street

Brooklyn, NY$1,350,000

1261 49th Street

Brooklyn, NY$7,400,000

42-41 & 42-45 155th Street, 41-04 & 41-08 159th Street, 160-04 Sanford Avenue

Queens, NY$14,820,000

1175 60th Street

Brooklyn, NY$2,550,000

102 Avenue S

Brooklyn, NY$1,580,000

85-29 114th Street

Queens, NY$3,200,000

325 East 176th Street

Bronx, NY$5,300,000

2009 Cruger Avenue

Bronx, NY$6,200,000

385 Chauncey Street

Brooklyn, NY$3,200,000

14-16 Mount Hope & 897 Crotona Park North

Bronx, NY$7,000,000

347 Warren Street

Brooklyn, NY$1,965,000

80 Clarkson Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$8,000,000

11-19 Foam Place

Queens, NY$4,800,000

805 Fairmont Place

Bronx, NY$3,500,000

114-06 & 114-30 Rockaway Beach Boulevard

Queens, NY$13,500,000

555 Ocean Avenue

Brooklyn, NY$10,350,000

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